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Future Innovators Programme

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The Future is Here

The Future Innovators Programme is aimed at enabling students to become innovative designers by exposing them to inventive and possibility thinking. The programme will also introduce students to new and emerging technology to foster and encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurism. 

The programme will run for 6 weeks per cohort. Each session will last for 2 hours per day once per week. or $JA12 for the entire programme. At the end of the programme students will receive a certificate of completion and will be given the opportunity to display their innovations to parents and peers. 

The following areas will be covered during the programme:
Week 1– Design Thinking
Week 2 – Virtual Reality 
Week 3 – Augmented Reality 
Week 4 – Robotics 
Week 5 – Coding (Basic)
Week 6 – Coding (Game creation)


  • Classroom Space with internet access (Provided by school)

Devices – Tablets, smart phones, laptops (Provided by students)

Virtual Reality Kits (Provided by EduHub Co. Ltd)

Merge Cube   (Provided by EduHub Co. Ltd)

Robotics Kits   (Provided by EduHub Co. Ltd)

Feelings Code   (Provided by EduHub Co. Ltd)

Please note a Minimum of 20 students is needed to start the programme at your institution. If you are interested in having your students participate in this programme, please click “Sign up”.


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